Our History

Saltburn riding school is a family run buisness which is now in its third generation, over the years many things have changed, the following photographs choosen from hundreds are a quick look at some of them.

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Zetland Stables were it all started these were behind what was the Zetland Hotel, and are now houses.


 Mr Raymond Hill working in the stalls at the Zetland Stables


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Master Timothy Hill 


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Mrs Sally Hill at the stables, and  taking a ride out to Saltburn beach.


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Mr Tom Hill on the right - the Cleveland Fox Hounds meet on Saltburn beach this would have been inthe 1920's


Picture 036.jpg

Sally Hill leading our runner at the Cleveland point to point, and showing off a horse at Leicester horse sales. Over the years we trained and ran numerous pointer pointers with many wins, one of them being the Buchanan Hunt race with a horse called Buck Rush pictured below is Tim Hill ( middle ) who rode to him to victory.


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 Tim, Janet, Raymond & Sally Hill                                        Janet Hill riding Teesdale