Showjumping Unaffiliated






                                           Clear round     5.45 – 6.30pm


 Class 112yrs & under 
 Class 275cm Horse / Pony 
 Class 385cm Pony 
 Class 485cm Horse 
 Class 595cm Horse / Pony 


 Classes 3 & 4 will run together but with seperate jump offs


                                           Entry fees        Clear round  £ 4.00  Classes  1 to 5   £7

 Prizes all classes  £10, £7, £5      

Rosettes to sixth place Further Details tel. 01287 622157  

Saltburn Riding School cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or injury to any persons animals or property whilst at the show. Hats to the current standard & secured at all times whilst mounted. Safe footwear must be worn. The Judges decision is final.






  28th January-  25th February - 25th March - 29th April  Second round 

Class 1 starts 10.00am

Class 1           65cm Warm up class Juniors/ Senior one round of

                       Jumping all clear rounds equal first


Class 2           75cm  Junior

                          Classes 2 & 3 will run together with separate jump off’s

Class 3           75cm  Senior


Class 4           85cm  Junior

                       Classes 4 & 5 will run together with separate jump off’s

Class 5           85cm  Senior 


Class 6           95cm       Horse/Pony


Class 7           105cm     Horse/Pony


Prizes 1st- £10   2nd - £8    3rd- £6

 Rosettes to 6th Place

Entry Fees    All classes £8


Dress code – Breeches light coloured, Jacket, hat current standard & secured at all times whilst riding.

v    Junior classes for riders 16 years and under on ponies 148cm and under.v    Senior classes for riders 17 years and over on horses over 148cms.v    Riders 13yrs and over may ride horses over 148cms in Senior classes on or after their 13th birthday.  v    Full set of rules available in office 




 Wednesday 27th December

Kindly Sponsored by Armstrong Richardson

Clear round                 9.30am – 10.30am


Class 1                        12yrs & under

Class 2                        Triers  horse /pony combination not to have                          

                                    Won £25 max height 65cms

Class 3                        75cms pony

                                    Classes 3 & 4 will run together

Class 4                        75cms horse

Class 5                        Pony Speed Class – one round against clock

                                   4 seconds added every knock down, drawn

                                    order . No entries after start of class.

Class 6                        Horse speed class – rules as above

Class 7                        Open horse & pony

  Prizes £10  £7   £5

Armstrong Richardson Vouchers


Rosettes to 6th place

 Entry Clear round £4  all other classes £7


Prizes for Fancy Dress


New Years Show

Tuesday 2nd January 

Clear round 9.30am – 10.30am


Class 1        12yrs & under

Class 2        75cm Pony                                 Classes 2 & 3 will run together with separate jump off’s

Class 3        75cm Horse


Class 4        Touch & out  - Handicapped


Class 5        Pairs  -  Drawn order

Class 6        Intermediate Pony/Horse             class will be split if sufficient entries 

Class 7        Open Pony/Horse

 Prizes  1st – 3rd  

Rosettes to 6th place

 Entry Fees  Clear round £4           Classes 1,2,3,5,6 & 7  £7              Class 4  £4