Times for 04/02/2007
Class 1Prelim 4
10.00Vicky GreenJerryR
10.06Lizzie BuntingBreezeR
10.12Godfrey HumpreysSmokie CalR
10.18Anna PrinceRouletteR
10.24Sophie DoddsJimmyR
10.30Liz HowellsAlfieO
11.36Alan VoiseyBobR
10.42Chloe SykesMinstralR
10.48Tom CowellJackR
10.54Patrica ThomasFloraR
11.00Val JamiesonArchieR
11.06Dawn DoddsPerriO
11.12Judith UptonFrankieR
11.18Christine AdamsHerbieR
11.24Alan VoiseyZena
11.30Sue Cowell CarlR
11.36Carole NagleSnipR
11.42Liz ThomasRangerR
11.48Janet BrownTobyR
11.54Vanessa WilliamsBobbyR
12.00Joanne GloverDisneyR
12.06Neil EtheringtonJoshR
12.12Anthony TurnbullFreddie
12.18Alan VoiseyMillie
Class 2Prelim 18
12.30Patrica ThomasFloraR
12.36Christine AdamsHerbieR
12.42Liz Thomas RangerR
12.48Vanessa WilliamsBobbyR
12.54Janet BrownTobyR
1.00Alan VoiseyMillie
1.06Joanne GloverDisneyR
1.12Neil EtheringtonJoshR
1.18Anthony TurnbullFreddie
1.24Carole NagleSmokie CalR
1.30Vicky JamiesonArchieR
1.36Holly HodgsonHighling Golden WonderR
1.42Vanessa WilliamsFrankieR
1.48Anna PrinceRenaisanceO
1.54Alan VoiseyZena
2.00Lauren ColeMaxR
2.06Nicola BurkeHeatherR
2.12Amy BarnesTiffanyR
2.18Nicola PearsonCodyR
2.24Ian HammondIn TuneO
2.30Sally ChildsBiggles
2.36Liz HowellsAlfieO
2.42Ruth Boomer
Class 3Novice 21
2.48Debbie StephensonIncognito
2.54Ian HammondIn Tune
3.00Sally ChildsBiggles
3.06Liz HowellsAlfie
Class 4Pick a test
3.12Debbie StephensonIncognitoE44



Dressage Unaffiliated


Unaffiliated Dressage 2006/07

Sunday 1st October                 Sunday 5th November                 Sunday 3rd December

                     Sunday 7th January                 Sunday 4th February                    Sunday 4th March

                                                 Sunday 1st April                      Sunday 6th May 

     Winter Dressage Championship  
   Kindly Sponsored by Mr D. Hodgson

Will run from October to April. Points will be awarded during the series. This will be for each riders highest percentage on that day, regardless of test or number of tests ridden. For more info see in office or notice board in café.


v     Classes 1 & 2 will be split into restricted & Open ( restricted never to have won at that level ).

Please state clearly on entry form.

v     Series will be run under British Dressage Rules

v     Rosettes to 7th Place

v     Entry for all Classes is £9.00, cheques make payable to’ Saltburn Riding School Ltd’

v     Closing date for entries is the Tuesday prior to the competition. Some classes may have numbers restricted

v     Times can be obtained on 01287 622157 between 6 – 8 pm on the Friday prior to competition or from the web site. www.saltburnridingschool.co.uk

v     Refreshments available on site

v     Saltburn Riding School Ltd accept no responsibility for any accident, loss or damage to persons or their property. Competitors and other persons attend at their own risk.


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5


Prelim 4

Prelim 12

Novice 21

Pick a test

 N25,  E44,  E41, M71, 


  Prelim 7 

Prelim 14

Novice 24

Pick a test

 N21,  E44,  E41, M71

Prelim 10

Prelim 1

 Novice 25

Pick a test N24,  E44, E41,  M71, AM83   
 07/01/07  Prelim 12 Prelim 13 Novice 32Pick a test N21, E41, E51, M63,  AM83    
 04/02/07  Prelim 4 Prelim 18 Novice 21Pick a test N24,  E41,  E44,  M71,  AM83    
 04/03/07       Prelim 1 Prelim 7 Novice 25Pick a test N32,   E41,  E44,  M71,  AM83    
 01/04/07  Prelim 14 Prelim 12 Novice 24Pick a test N25,   E41,  E44,  M71,  AM83    
 06/05/07  Prelim 12 Warm up classOpen to all Prelim 18   2nd round Qualifier   Novice 32  Warm up class Open to allNovice  25   2nd round Qualifier E51          2nd round Qualifier     
 v      Trailblazer information – Trailblazer dressage consists of three tests Preliminary, Novice & Elementary          v      Juniors riding ponies//horses up to the age of 16 years of age and not to have attained their 17th birthday on the day of the championship competition. v      Seniors must have attained their 17th birthday on the day of the Championship competition.v      Qualification  will be on class percentage, with all tests at 58% and over gaining qualification at that level. In the event of a partnership ceasing the qualification ceases. Only qualified partnerships from the second round to compete at the final.v      Horses that are currently registered with B.D. or have been registered within the preceding 12 months will not be allowed to compete at  prelim level, Novice level with more than 37 points Elementary level with or than 74 points.